a new musical comedy

by Tom Megan & Jack Megan


Billy‚Äôs the new kid at Our Lady Of Perpetual Motion and he has a lot to learn about parochial school. When he meets his drama teacher Sister Katherine, a beguiling novice who jogs and sings like Julie Andrews, he falls hopelessly in love, resolving to become Pope and change the rules of the church so that they can one day marry. This charming musical is about love, obsession, and a young boy’s search for miracles.

Jack Megan (left) and Tom Megan (right)



THE KID WHO WOULD BE POPE by brothers Tom and Jack Megan was awarded the 2013 Richard Rodgers Award and will receive a studio production at ARS NOVA in NYC in May 2014.




“The music made me wish I were Catholic again.”

-Martin Luther

“HILARIOUS! I only wish I was alive to see it.”

Sister Katharine (Jillian Louis) and Billy (Kyle Brenn) surrounded by Angels (Eric Anderson- on left and James Judy - on right)..

-Pope John XXIII


“Where’s MY musical number?”